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I haven’t really wanted a car for a while, until today

Lately, I’ve been missing the days of perusing craigslist and actually wanting the cars I’ve looked at. I haven’t been on Craigslist or Cargurus much lately; because why look at things I don’t really want? This a complete first world problem, and a true sign of how good my 996 is for what I need most of the year. The other part of my lack of excitement about unnecessary car shopping is that I’m pretty determined to go one of two ways with whatever I buy to replace my beetle:

1. Something less than 10 years old with a good size down payment and a small monthly payment and with an auto(for the sake of my wife).


2. Older and manual and no payment. Just pay cash. The most exciting car in this situation is probably an e46 325xi or Impreza hatch.

And either way; I’d prefer something RWD or AWD; and 4 doors. Between the two options; both are fine but I don’t get very excited looking for either one(lots of compromises involved). If I weren’t trying to be frugal(which I’m actually approaching a point in my life where I don’t *have* to be); I could throw $20k at a handful of different cars and be pretty entertained, but that’s just not who I am. I want to tuck away money for retirement and fix up a few things in my house and so forth.


Anyways. Today the car below caught my eye and it’s nowhere near me but the idea of getting a reasonably fuel efficient, torque monster, in a neat color, with the sport package actually got me excited.

It’s nothing like my 996; but i love the post facelift E9X sedans and people report the 6hp transmission with a tune is decently entertaining. What’s more, the price is reasonable, it’s got sport seats, and the color is awesome on this one. BMW wheels with winter tires are easy to find on Craigslist. This car has me motivated to get rid of my beetle:

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If it were down the road I’d be listing my beetle today; and I still might just because I’m realizing this is a fantastic compromise for all those nagging little compromises I’m trying to find in a third car. I’d be happy to road trip a car home with my daughter and what better car to road trip home than a diesel getting 36mpg on the highway.

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