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I haven't logged-in in ages...

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How’s everyone? Heard about the situation and felt like writing a little something as I sip some 7up laced with some Sailor Jerry at midnight. I’m glad I’ve stumble on Jalopnik back in 2010 and joined Oppo in 2011 I believed. This platform got my creativity going and I felt that I could write anything I wanted. Sorry for the times I’ve made posts that made ZERO sense but it was my attempt to vent at life and try my own akward comedy.


All the posts will gone soon but the memories won’t. I remember when I kept preaching about miatas, rotaries and odd ball cars like the SC430 and people hated some of my posts...but them some of you guys stood up and supported my ideas. I’m grateful of this. The og’s will remember the struggle I had with girls and you gave me the best advices I could get! I’m still single, but I’m no longer affected by this hahaha. Or the time my parents were coming back from vacations and I wanted to make an awesome recipe for them and you all gave me recipes to try according to my situation.

Vince-The Roadside Mechanic...hopefully you’ll see this despite being gone since 2014. Well you’re the reason I corrected my english on texts. For those who don’t know, I’m french. Vince got pissed at me because I used to open up my texts with AM instead of I’M. Glad he told me because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have known. So Vince...thanks man!


I still laugh at the fact that I was against the Fiesta ST when it came out because day after day there was more Oppo members that bought one. The day Brian Silvestro got one I snapped since I was pushing him toward a Miata. Here’s the post I did if you wanna laugh a bit.

4 years later...who would had thought that I’d get a FiST!?? Still got my NA Miata for almost 7 years!

Supreme Kiwi Zorro... I miss this guy. Called me Helmut and we had that strange WWE like storyline where he was my father on Oppo. He had great articles...but he deleted everything and left. Hopefully I’ll be able to see that bakery you have in NZ someday.


I’ve meet some people face to face from here and learned how many of you we’re actually near me the whole time. Y’all hella cool.

I’ll be saving my stuff soon and probably post a few Keep Oppo Weird posts here as a proper send off. So Kinja Oppo, it was great knowing you and all the awesome peeps in it. 

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