I was 15 years old and looking for a car. A community college where I used to live (Northern California) holds a used car lot every weekend. One day I’m taken over there to look for a car for myself.

Of the many cars I, a 15-year-old boy saw and wanted (BMW 323i, Porsche 944, etc), I found myself infatuated with two cars.

One of them was a Volvo S60 R (Which even I knew was a poor decision for someone like myself), and the other, the one I daydreamed about 24/7, was a Nissan Z31 300ZX, white with gold wheels.


This isn’t it.

It was perfect for me. A nice, RWD sports coupe, T-top for those hot California days, and I could work on it and learn about car maintenance.

I still love the Z31s. I wouldn’t mind owning one still.