Hey Oppo, as the title to this post says, I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve basically been commenting occasionally on posts for the past couple of months. Anyway, there are two reasons for my post today: to pipe up and say hi, and to show Oppo my friend’s Datsun Roadster(s).


He bought them back in June for $2100, and towed them back to his house, where they have been sitting since then. The one in best condition is just a few parts away from running, and has minimal rust. However, the other two aren’t in such a good condition. The silver one is a project, it needs a new floor pan, interior, and the engine needs some work. The red one is completely rusted out, with the only salvageable parts being the trunk lid, hood, maybe the fenders, and a shifter. Sadly money problems came up, and he wasn’t that excited about driving them, so he sold them a few weeks ago. I took these pictures the day before the buyer came to pick them up. Oh and one last thing: a picture of the family steed (which I’ll be sharing with my mom until I get my own car).

Beautiful isn’t it.

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