My friend is trying to get a deal on a new Passat, since she totaled her Camry earlier this month. She found a brand new 2013 model that's still on a local VW dealer's lot. It's got 36 miles on the clock. She should be able to get this for invoice if not well below, since it's a year old, the end of the month, and the 2015's will be coming in soon.

Of course, they are pulling all the stops and are trying to avoid letting this car go for invoice pricing. Little do they know she's being coached by me!

One of the things they were trying to pull really surprised me though. They were trying to get her to allow the manufacturer's warranty to be effective from June 2013. A YEAR gone because they haven't been able to move it off their own lot. Is this really weird and shady or is this common practice? I've never heard of it before and I wouldn't even think it would be legal.

Have a Zagato Aston for your time