Videos, no matter how hi-def or stereoscopic they are, do not do that car's exhaust justice. I came.

I was driving home last night and came across this 500C Abarth. Rosso with black Abarth caps and stripes, being driven by an older lady (50s probably). We were just tooling down the freeway in rush hour, so I didn't get to hear it at full clip, but even just idling and mild revs to launch, I fell in love. So what do I do?

I get home, tell the wife that we can go ahead and buy her a truck. I'll eat the cat poop and keep driving the Focus. Off to craigslist we went! I found her a nice 1995 Ranger. 2WD, 5MT (WOOOOO), 4cyl (oh well). It's got 140k on the clock, recent tune up and the body is straight and rust free. I'm working on getting a deal, but it's listed for $1900 so I don't really expect too much wiggle room. But hey whatevs we got $1200 from the wedding so I think we're set.


So I'll get her the truck, finish teaching her to drive stick, then in the next 6 months trade the Focus in for a Grigio Abarth with black caps. Good plan? GOOD PLAN.