I wrote this one a while back. It was based on my favorite songs, "Sometime Around Midnight" by The Airborne Toxic Event. I attached the video above. The story is below. Please enjoy and let me know what you think. (This one is less than 300 words, so it is really short)

"Sometime Around Midnight"

The clock struck midnight. The church bells could be heard ringing in the background. The man turned around briefly and stared off towards the direction of the sound. He was mumbling words of anger towards no one in particular. The world was spinning in his drunken eyes. It wasn't his intention either. He went to the bar with friends. He wanted to grab a few beers, watch the game, and go home. But then she showed up. She was wearing this white dress; the one that he so greatly remembered. She walked by him, her perfume could be smelt radiating off of her. She noticed him, turned, and asked how he was. All he was imagining was the good days, holding her in his arms. The memories began rushing through his head. Thoughts of happiness and love began filling these empty voids. His friends ask if he is doing alright, which brings him back to reality. He looks over and sees her laughing, holding her tunic in that nervous, shy way. She is with another man. Those happy thoughts began to melt away; being replaced with feelings of being hopeless and worthless. She stands up, as does the new man. She embraces him and they head towards the exit, making sure that he sees her being happy without him. He becomes an emotional wreck, the tears beginning to fill his deep blue eyes. He stood up and went outside. As he began walking, he became fascinated by the cracks in the sidewalk; resembling the cracks in his heart. He didn't care about the others staring at him; all he wanted was to see her one more time; even if it meant crushing him for good.