I heard the most Oppo thing today!!

A guy I game online with (Elite Dangerous) is Russian, today he told me that his dad has a 1st gen VW Touareg (just the V6 TDi, not the V10 unfortunately) that his dad adores, he wont change it for a new(er) model (even though my buddy is on his 3rd and is about to sell it, his dad doesn’t want it for some reason, even though it’s brown and has the offroad pack on it!).

To deal with it’s lack of “dependability” shall we say he has a backup Volvo XC90. Now this is also not a vehicle renowned for being a car you depend upon to be fault free at any given time, esp not an older model (even if it is a D5 and not the V8), so in perfect Russian logic , his dad bought a 2004 Camry as a back up to his back up. It’s got very low miles (well KM’s) on it and only gets used if both of his German or Swedish SUVs are otherwise engaged with his mechanic.


I laughed so hard when he told me this, it is the perfect solution to owning a 1st gen Touareg and so Oppo but the old guy doesn’t even know it!

Sorry I just had to share this, it amused me so much.

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