So this is a Range Rover. (Pardon my phone-photo)

It's a 1991 model, built in Britain. But there were no 3door version in 1991, i thought, but there were, only limited to the Mediteranean markets. This one went to Mallorca, and the current owner bought it in Barcelona.

It has the 2.5 liter VM turbodiesel, which is supposed to give you 119HP. It also has a 5 speed gearbox. The current owner went to great lengths to make it work properly, and it shows. The car is in excellent condition both inside and out, and works like a treat. Bar the brakes. Those have seen a number of rebuilds but still pull to one side, and sill get smoking even after mild abuse. Also, everything that was wrong from the factory - the huge panel gaps, the lousy solution to particular problems - are still there, this was restored, not bettered.

I loved it to bits, and I have to say it ticks an awful lot of jalop boxes: its a manual diesel, its an old SUV with 3 doors, it's stylish, but still works well everyday. Hey, even the aircon works on it.


Shame the brits were this bad at manufacturing cars back then, because designing them was a strong point of theirs.