Velocity-Silky Smooth Six already posted that he broke the slave cylinder, but since I went with our mutual friend to get the car... I can post pictures of the journey!

Here's the link to it on Hemmings..

Anyway, trip. So, it all started when I sent our friend C the link on Facebook, about a week ago with the addendum, "I found your next car."

It went downhill from there, with /both/ of us contacting the now previous owner at various points, and I drove to Knoxville to spend the night on Friday, and then head out Saturday morning...

In the process of Friday night's tequila drinking, we invited our friend M to come along with us, and we /planned/ on taking C's 4th gen Prelude. Unfortunately, it just so happened that I, at 5'10", was the shortest of the three of us, and there was no way that M, even with her seat as far forward as she could stand, could be in the Prelude with me, and C. So, we did what every brilliant trio would, and took the Mazda.


Insert gratuitous shot of me driving:

Also, a random road sign shot:


Anyway, we get there, and he falls in love with the car. Over and over again. However, the owners had church, so we left to get barbecue, then go back and seal the deal. For the record, Eastern Carolina barbecue is awesome. Get some.

And, another picture, this time with C next to his new baby. My Mazda is hiding in the background.


Those gauges, yo:

So, we drove from there uneventfully over to M's hometown, where the three of us lived it up in the mountains of NC, drinking such high-class brews as Milwaukee's Best Ice. (It was free, don't judge.)


The trip was pretty uneventful after we awoke, and continued on, except that the vacuum line for the throttle opening had come loose, so we reattached it and continued on our way.

Minako, with her new cousin:


And finally, after we made it back to Knoxville, but before Velocity-Silky Smooth Six broke the slave cylinder:

Both of C's Preludes, together.

Also, because I've picked on our silky-smooth six-cylinder-driving friend... Here's his car next to mine, on Friday.