Continuing the saga of the recently acquired HP i7-2600 system, I finally got around to installing FSX today. No addons (yet) - nothing other than the app and Acceleration expansion. Just to torture test this thing I flew around Honolulu with all of the settings cranked up to their maximum, with plenty of AI traffic at the airports, roads and waterways. Even at its absolute worst I don’t think it dropped below 30 FPS and that was only for a fraction of a second. I’m sure that when I start adding more advanced scenery and aircraft the FPS will drop, but I can dial the settings back a bit. ATC is just as I remember it, guiding me to taxiways behind me, giving few runway options and having service vehicles driving on taxiways instead of service roads. I’ll have to do a little research and see what, if any, replacements are available.

I tried the DX10 preview setting, but that, not surprisingly, led to numerous crashes. For a program that’s over 10 years old it seems to work reasonably well. Now I just need to find my copy of Prepar3d and see if this system can run it acceptably; I didn’t have the best of luck with the squadron’s Dell i7 laptop, but this machine should run it a tad better.