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I Hit a Beer

I made the 600 mile trip to my in-laws yesterday. An hour into the trip, something shiny flew out from under the pickup in the adjacent lane and my WRX tried to eat it. It bounced around under the car and shot out the side, heading for the center median. My wife and daughter were behind me and said it looked like a beer can. If so, it had to be unopened. Just look what it did to my car!

This is the bottom lip of the front fascia. It doesn’t look too bad at first, but as they say, “Enhance!”


The plastic flexed enough for the paint to spiderweb all around the impact area. After hitting there, it went inside and hit the radiator support.

This was a lucky thing. An inch higher and it would have hit the condenser and radiator.


Half an hour later, it happened again. Except this time, it was a rock. The rock went under my car and was kicked up by my right-rear tire, breaking the first couple of clips that hold the rear bumper cover on. Now I have to get plastic repaired on both ends!

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