I hope my wife likes her gift.


Don’t worry, there will be a toe kick soon. I just ran out of material to have cut down. I “designed” (and I mean that facetiously) this shoe bench in our CAD program and a person who almost considers me an acquaintance offered to help (read: do it himself) with the install. He even trimmed out the door box and dapped it. So clean!

The concept was: we have shoes everywhere and with the weather turning it just gets real messy. The box is 21" deep and secured to the wall with a foil top so my wife has somewhere to actually sit down when she’s putting on the boots. The shaker door? I just wanted it to look nice I guess. More room to hide stuff. I will say that my 9-1/2" baseboard and funky ancient floors made it a total pain in the ass for the guy... So I am very grateful.


We also threw this up by the back door. It’s where we mostly enter but not guests. It’s shallower with no doors. If it’s too big, it’ll block the bathroom to the right which already has a very hallway. So this is functional. But still with a nice foil top, because I didn’t want to through all this to make it look cheap. He also out a shadow box (means... thing that hides the existing baseboard between the verts) since the bottom shelf is more visible than the entry one above.

Lots of people to thank, mostly people who may or may not work in the same building I may or may not work at.

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