Update: So the person I contacted to keep tabs on him and check up on him, called the cops. He's in the hospital right now.

...but I felt like I should ask for you guys help. If you pray, or are a believer; please pray for my younger brother. He told my mother that he's contemplating suicide. He's still alive (I texted him this morning), but that just means he alive for one more day.

This is especially difficult because he lives in Chicago, my parents are in Florida, and I'm in Michigan. I'm probably one of the best people to talk to him right now, since I understand what he's going through (I suffer from Major Depressive Disorder and also have contemplated suicide), but it's also a matter of if he's willing to listen.

So if you would, please pray that he'll see his life is worth living. There's strength in numbers for prayer, right?

If you think this is too 'christian', just ignore this post please.