If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

I hope Valka's previous owner would step on a Lego.

The more I work on her, the more signs that she was severely neglected.

While claying, just half the door already completely blacked out the clay bar. It almost looks as if that debris formed a protective later that underlying there wasn’t much other scratches, probably saw no car washes until I took ownership.

And today I found yet another severely damaged wheel. Tire was basically totalled from the inside with metal frayed and showing, surprisingly wheel isn’t bent. Only clue was a suuuuper slow leak from 32 PSI to 25 PSI in a week.


Lesson learned: if there are a bajillion curb rashes on an ex-lease, just walk.

Off to find a set of cheap 225/45R18 to use for 2 weeks before winters get back on... anyone used Fuzion UHP before? Though I am leaning towards paying a bit for General Altimax RT.

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