I Hope Your Car Note Isn't Due on GM Financial Anytime Soon

Because they decided to rollout an update in the most GM way possible...
If you go to gmfinacial.com you will see this lovely notice

Bravo, you managed to simultaneously take down 2 of the 3 payment methods leaving people with only one option that takes more than 3 days to process. I know that your customer service may be lackluster, but getting rid of it for a week is probably not the best way to “improve the experience.” You would think that perhaps you would upgrade one system at a time, but no that would make too much sense.


The reported impacts are quite significant. Besides the unavailability of the online payment system as well as phone operators, automatic payments are not occurring. That means those who “set it and forget it” on their payment system are not getting money drawn out. Since there is no way to view your account or call, you won’t be able to find out if you are being charged fees and whatnot...

Anywho this is turning into a customer service nightmare on all of the popular social media platforms which of course are being met with canned responses with varying answers from “it should be up this Friday,” to “Please check for an update January 8th.”

Fix you shit GM, I want to give you money.

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