I pulled a muscle yesterday at the trainer. They switched me, because the lady I was working with quit.

I saw this beauty last night.

I have been having a lot of muscle pain and soreness, especially in my right thigh, and I pulled something yesterday. I felt a tell tale twinge.


I wonder how many tears you must cry to keep this on the road. Respect

The trainer figured out the problem. I had ACL replacement surgery on my left knee about 10 years ago after a tragic Cub Scout beach wiffle ball injury. I dutifully did my rehab, and got back nearly full range of motion. But I never fully rebuilt strength in a leg where the quad was completely destroyed by the drill. I have been kind of levering up with my right leg to compensate for the left, which is what caused the injury. When he isolated the left, holy shit, there was nothing.

But a muscle in my right leg hurt all day yesterday and still hurts today.

My wife goes to the same trainer, and she came home this morning and did he was asking about the Sunchaser. He is in his early twenties, and apparently the whole coach convertible concept is inconceivable to him. “Some guy said cars were too dangerous and all the companies stopped making convertibles? Huh? Next you’ll tell me passenger side rear view mirrors were both always standard equipment.”


We had a crisis yesterday, and no one in the office handled it well, especially me. I got upset, and took it out on my longtime, hardworking, unfailingly loyal legal assistant. I am a bad person, and will be apologizing today. She screwed up, but my reaction was a bigger screw up. Bad lawyer, bad boss. Don’t get me wrong, I was not abusive, but I was too hard on her.


I will apologize though, and I will mean it. I will be bringing flowers in tribute. There’s no real way to make up for being an ass. Just because I run the place doesn’t mean I don’t screw up, and my screw ups have the most impact because they work for me. Which is why I have to be self-critical. Owning the place means more accountability, not less.