The worst part, is I don’t know how I did it. I felt good but tired after cardiac rehab yesterday, but I did feel a little stiffness in my ankle. Came home, went for a swim, hung out with family and dogs until dinner, then went out for ice cream.

By bedtime, my ankle was swollen and painful and I could barely walk. I iced and elevated, and this morning it is better, but still tender. I think I had a minor injury that I aggravated trying to work out the stiffness.


Anyway. I got an amazing new case. 14 year employee embezzles $500k, and her multiple felon husband takes the fall, claiming he hacked her computer. My client (company owner) says “This dumbass couldn’t hack his way out of a cardboard box.” The husband is in jail awaiting trial. Police investigation of the wife continues.

Suddenly, she has an attorney who is claiming a range of wage and hour violations (meal periods, o/t, etc.). Oh yeah, and she says a manager raped her in the office. My job is so fun sometimes.

I told the client, “Don’t worry, you came to the right place. I have seen this before.”

And I have! So many plans....