I hypermiled my STi today!

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By me saying hypermiling, you must be thinking I got 50mpg by drafting behind a truck downhill or something. But really considering how this car performs on the fuel economy spectrum, I still did pretty good without much effort. So I drove 265 miles without flogging it and keeping cruise control set to 75mph. This resulted in a fuel usage of 11.22 gallons which calculates out to 23.6mpg! That is a new record, my previous best being 21 with the cruise control set to 85mph most of the way on a similar trip. Now I certainly could have upped the tire pressure to probably get that to a solid 24 but I’m still impressed either way. It helped that I left home at 330am for my 5 hour drive to Mammoth so there was no traffic.


Now I’m here for another day of skiing after today’s long full day of shredding. I’m super tired but the spring conditions are excellent.

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