Hello again Oppo. Remember about two weeks ago when I came to you asking for some girl advice? Well I got a ton of advice and some people wanted an update so here it is... but its not so much of an update as another plea for help. Yenko Chevelle for those who don't really care (or to lure you in; whichever you prefer).

Let me just start off by thanking everyone here. As dumb as it sounds, I would be lost without Oppo. You guys (and gals) are just an amazing group of people and are always so helpful with anything. So I really appreciate everything here because I am still learning most of this as I go along and have no where else to turn for help. Also, just being able to talk with you... it helps me so much.

Well, the new school year has started. And sadly, it hasn't been as great as I had hoped for. I honestly feel intimidated. Like the girls that I would like to talk to seem so far out of reach. I've never had this feeling before. But it really sucks. I had confidence going in, but now seeing all of these girls have made it vanish. (Just be expecting another post regarding this soon…)

The real reason I come to you tonight is involving the girl from the linked post earlier. She was in my first period class on the first day. An as soon as she walked in the door, all I could think was "wow" because she looked great. And she saw me, and waved. Then gave me a hug and sat beside me. And we talked for as long as we could (like 12 minutes) just about normal stuff like our Summer. And talking in person was nice, because it forced her to respond quickly and I made sure I got more than one word responses from her. And it was nice. But I told myself I was over her (I am still). And that she isn't worth it; solely for the ways she did "hurt" me.


So the day went on. And I didn't see her again. I saw like two or three new girls, but like I said earlier, I was intimidated. I was scared to be talking to them. And this was a newer issue for me so I'm not sure why…

Being in high school, we get the supply list that first day. So everyone runs out to the stores to pick through the scraps. I happened to go to Staples for a completely unrelated reason (A: I got nearly everything at Target and B: I was there looking for a really cheap tablet) and sure enough, there she was. And she waved me down and we started talking and somehow I ended up helping her get school supplies. I spent thirty minutes shopping with her. The real treat was she found me these 2015 Ford Mustang composition books that "were so totally me I had to have them" (she was right; they were quite awesome).

So I had to have some changes done to my schedule, so many classes got changed around (for instance, I had three Englishes) and I was no longer in first period with her. But I saw her twice walking around the campus. And both times I got a wave and a hello. And then near the end of the day, we both went to see our guidance counselor (I had no 6th period class). And she sat next to me and we talked some more and she was upset I left her English class and wanted me to switch into her history class (I tried for a different reason, but couldn't). And then we both went our separate ways.


So as I'm home my phone dings and she texted me first… again.

And I'm just confused here honestly. I don't know why she is doing this. I'm not sure if she is doing it out of empathy (for feeling bad for what happened) or she actually does like talking to me (like she has said before) or she likes messing with me or what. And I'm still too scared to actually ask her in person. But doing it over text gives me the generic "I just like talking to you haha" response.

I don't want to seem like a dick here. Honestly these two days have been rather fun talking to her and getting to know the real her (not the shell I always used to get). And on one hand, I don't want to lose a "friend" (in quotations because it seems more of a one sided friendship because I still don't get very personal with her as she does with me). And if I tell her off, I really won't have any friends who are girls (fuck, that sounds really sad but is true). But on the other, I want to move on and not have to keep thinking about her.


As the title said, I don't even know anymore. Does Oppo have any thoughts here? (Is there even anything here for you to make an opinion on; I don't even know what I wrote there or if it makes sense).

Thanks again guys! And enjoy some more car photos!