I.....I made it.

Lots of little things at the last minute added up.

I didn’t know how exactly it would happen.

But I did it. I got the 800$ fiero to Woodward today. I took far fewer pictures than I wanted to, and didn’t get video of myself doing a loop of Woodward in it. But honestly, this was a challenge from myself, to myself, so I’m not going to beat myself up about this since I accomplished what I wanted to do.


Hd a blast with friends and family so I don’t know how much I’ll write about this since most of it was good times referencing stuff that doesn’t have relevance on Oppo. But we shall see....I’ll have to talk about the struggle to get it registered the day before the cruise sometime. It involves multiple branches of the SoS, a fellow fiero fan, and legal threats.

In the meantime, I’m going to tend to my sunburn and plan out the next steps of the restoration of the Fiero.

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