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Minor irritations

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I spent 5 minutes fixing my squeaky alternator belt. I fixed it so hard it got worse. An hour later I’ve managed to get it to the original levels of squeakiness on start-up, which.... I’m just going to live with. It’s all about PERSPECTIVE


I hate routine maintenance. My pivot bolt on the alternator is missing, and the belt itself is fried, but I have literally negative enthusiasm to either replace it myself (I even have the new belt) or give a shop money.

Unrelated, but do you have a phone mount setup you love? Mine is an iOttie quick-release qi wireless charger, set up in such a way that I can can access the phone with a finger tip while keeping my hand on the wheel. It’s also the perfect balance between out of the way and in my line of sight. I’ve bought 3 of these now because I don’t ever want a car without one. I can’t imagine going back to *shudder* a corded charger.

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