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I Installed the Warranty-Preserving Ecoboost Mustang Tune and Now I'm Ready to Shame the V8s

Yes folks, I did it. I bought and installed something Jalopnik wrote about. So how is it?

It’s how the car should come from the factory, that’s how it is.

The calibration pack comes with a GT350 intake, a pro-cal OBD tool, and an orange piece of paper with a code on it for downloading the pro-cal software


The whole package can be had for $599 from CJ Pony Parts, less if you go to your nearest Ford Mustang forum and ask a CJPP rep for a discount code. Since I had purchased an exhaust on Black Friday I walked out the door clicked off their website $540 dollars later.

$540 for a genuine GT350 airbox and a promised +25 hp/+70 ft-lb torque? Not a bad deal!

Unlike other tuners on the market the Ford Performance tune offers one killer feature: if installed by a Ford Dealer your car is protected by a warranty for 3 years/36,000 miles. That peace of mind will likely cost you $200 in labor. All in all $750 doesn’t sound too bad for power with protection.


So, how’s it drive? Pretty damn great.

My car is a 2015 Ecoboost with the Premium Package. That package included, among many other things, 4 selectable driving modes: Normal, Sport, Track, and Snow/Wet. These driving modes actually make a significant difference in throttle response and power. I’m still not sure if track and sport differ beyond traction control settings, but going from normal to sport is immediately noticeable.


Normal mode has always felt a bit sluggish to me. Throttle response in Normal is lacking and the car just doesn’t want to go. It’s coddling you into good gas mileage by driving like the 4 cylinder Mustang car enthusiasts feared from the day it was announced. Sport mode though, sport mode feels nice. Responsive. Quick spooling twin-scroll turbo brings good low end torque and rushes you along with purpose. This car feels great in sport mode, easing any hesitations you may have about a Mustang with 2.3L of displacement.

Post tune? Normal mode feels like sport mode, but faster. It’s excellent for regular driving. It’s the way it should have been: properly sporty with an excellent sense that there’s plenty of power on tap when you need it.


In sport mode? Holy shitballs this thing is fast. Is it as fast as a V8? Probably not. Is it faster than a V8? Definitely not. But it is a riot. Low end torque is absurd, the car bucks like the pony it wears on its front and rear and pulls hard all the way to the tippy top of the rev range. Before the tune once 5000 RPM was passed the power was gone without a trace, now it keeps going and urges you to drive until you lose your license.

The tuned Ecoboost Mustang delivers on the promise of the Ecoboost Mustang: responsible performance that feels more like a European sports car than an American muscle car. It may not be a V8, but it sure is fun.


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