I... I'm dumbfounded at this ludicrosity

I went to a local FIAT & Alfa Romeo dealer to see my favorite car: the FIAT 500 Abarth. I walked inside and saw a white one w/ gold rims sitting right there. I noticed nobody was inside the dealer; ok at the time, I wasn’t buying; and I walked up to the Abarth and opened the door. Anybody who has opened the door on a 500 Abarth will remember the feeling of the door handles, with it’s sharp part on top that doesn’t cut you. Anybody know what I mean?

So, I opened the door and instantly got an idea: let’s see if the car has that loud and seductive thudding sound when shutting the door. ( I don’t remember if it did ). Right after closing the door, I noticed sales personnel outside, working away their free time ( nobody buyin’ a FIAT today ) and chatted with one. They confirmed that Alfa Romeo pulled a Elio and delayed their shipment to this dealer another 3 months. Damn. I left the dealer disappointed. Then I remembered about the 124, and went back in to ask if it was going to appear soon. Somehow, I got to opening the trunk on the same white 500 Abarth mentioned above. Locked. it turns out, for those 10 or so seconds when I opened the door and peeked inside ( without sticking my head through ) the little pocket rocket has locked the keys inside itself. They said this is the second time I have done this. Supposedly, I had accidentally locked the keys in the car a month ago and they had to break in to retrieve them.

Here is what’s wrong with this:

  1. It’s a 2016 FIAT. It shouldn’t allow you to lock the keys in the car
  2. I had never even gotten close to the lock button
  3. They should have a spare key, or they should have rung up FIAT USA or a locksmith instead of breaking in.
  4. How am I being blamed for a car’s fault?

Feel free to criticize me and call me stupid. I feel this is outrageous.


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