I Imported A Thing, AMA

Getting to know its stablemate
Under the harsh lights of the customs inspection

It’s a ‘93 Japan-market 300TE with a mixture of authentic and replica AMG parts and much of the interior out of a 500e. It’s not authentic to anything that ever came from Affalterbach, but it’s pretty authentic to a certain ‘90s Japan sensibility, and it therefore scratches a lot of my very particular itches.


The seller, who imported it from Japan to Canada and did some of the modifications, clearly took good care of it during his ownership and was very flexible when two different airlines canceled my flights out of two different airports yesterday. The CBP officer who handled the import paperwork at the border was very pleasant and efficient, and I cannot recommend highly enough taking advantage of the 25-year rule. If anyone has questions about that process, the car, or what to eat if you’re stuck at SeaTac for several hours, hit me.

ETA: Here, have a trove of photos much nicer than anything I could take from the original listing.

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