I’m checking Facebook and this comes up from a local deals group.

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Oh god it’s glorious. Major problem; Ohio absolutely does not accept vehicle transfers based on a bill of sale. There also is no way for anyone but the last person that had the title issued in their name to get a reissued or replacement title. That makes this more or less yard art here. That makes me sad.

I’m betting the guy either bought a property at auction that included anything left of the property, or he inherited it and doesn’t think it’s worth the legal hassle of getting the paperwork sorted. There’s always the possibility it’s stolen but given what it is I doubt that.


There used to be a work around based on getting it titled/registered by someone in another state that will issue a replacement title and getting that title recognized in Ohio, but I’m not sure if that loophole has been closed.

I have reached out for information but expect to be berated for wasting his time by doing anything more than showing up with cash and a car dolly.

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