I Joined Twitter Just to Ask Toyota to Give the New Supra a Manual Transmission

Disclosure: I don’t have much of a social media presence. I average about one facebook post every year or two.

Roughly one decade and two years ago, Twitter went public. That’s fine, I’ve never had a reason to need to tweet. Times and circumstances change. In 2018, the world finds itself in turmoil: The threat of nuclear war, wealth and gender inequalities, trade wars, and perhaps the most alarming of all: the disappearance of manuals from sports cars.


My feeble (tweeble?) effort consisted of about 13 tweets to Toyota Corp and Toyota USA. I’m not even certain I did it right. I shared pics of the three Toyota vehicles I’ve owned and driven over the past (nearly) 30 years: an ’86 MR2, ’01 4Runner, and a ’14 FJ Cruiser. They’ve all been great cars for me, and I’d love to get in on the next gen Supra, manually equipped please.

I then followed with senseless pics and gifs on the strong rumors that the new Supra won’t be offered in a manual.


I should mention this is also my first Oppositelock post. I’m not a delusional twit to think that either of these *cough, cough* expositional efforts will amount to diddly poo, but I’m solidly in the camp of those that decry the loss of manuals and enthusiast cars. For my part, I bought a 2017 manual equipped GTI this year. This will be a daily driver for me for a couple of years, and then it will be the car I both teach my teenager to drive in, and their (hopefully) long term school car. If Toyota brings a manual Supra, I’d more likely than not at this point buy one.


What have you done to #savethemanuals today?

You can find me @Manual2theSupra. You can probably gather where my conversations will be going....

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