I just came back from Japan - AMA if you like?

Hey Oppos,

My body clock is broken (from JST to EST, it’s a 13-hour shift) but after a good night’s rest tonight I should be mostly alright.

If any Oppos are travellers, I highly recommend Japan. I can’t say good enough things about it - the people were always very professional, generally friendly or at least courteous and the food & drink is phenomenal.


I also went to the Japanese GP - Suzuka is a great circuit, but the race itself was rather lacklustre with very little passing from where we saw the race (Spoon and the hairpin). Watching the first third of the race or so from Spoon was great but the hairpin had more errors and really showed the differences in braking and corner lines between drivers.

The cars in Japan are generally just in great condition, and it’s probably the kind of place where us Oppos would geek out at the stuff you saw. I think the most expensive thing we saw was an Aventador, or perhaps one of the few Continental GTs we had seen.

I did catch this at a Nissan storefront in Ginza:


but this was probably my favourite of the trip:


I’m sad that I used my phone for that pic since I had to use the digital zoom, but this was in awesome condition.

Anyways, it was an awesome 2.5 weeks, and I highly recommend going to Japan if ever you should get the opportunity. I’m already thinking about when I can go back since I’ve only scratched the surface of this addictive place.


Also, AMA if you like - I could’ve written a long post about the trip but am having trouble arranging my thoughts right now.

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