I just can't with people

2 things in the span of 10 seconds irked me today

1) A guy with a very new Challenger looking very much the worst stereotype you could associate with a Challenger, sporting the plate


I really wanted to be the one to break it to him, but he left while I was dealing with my 2nd issue


2) Twice in a week, there’s been a car parked in the motorcycle-only parking. Same car, a vendor for a garbage new-age canned drink. Last time, I managed to park next to the passenger door, as there was room on the end. This time he managed to park crooked so I could not. I left him a nastygram with instructions to call me, and parked him in. Instead he moved my bike out of the way, thinking I wouldn’t see him. I did.

Upon confrontation, this is clearly a kid trying to make money while going to college, and is terrified. But his defense was literally, “what, am I supposed to read the signs every time I park?” I gave him a resounding yes and sent him on his way.

I just can’t people today. I need to get a hoodie, some sunglasses, and my headphones, and recede into a cave of my own making at my desk.

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