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I just caught someone trying to break into my house

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Of all the days to let my brother borrow my Saiga 12.

Quickly told, I haven't been home since early Thursday morning. I have a front motion sensing light and one in the rear the of course, burned out at the worst possible time.


Anywho, I pull in, open the door to my dark house around 9:20pm, I look toward the rear where the two sliding doors thinking...."why is there a light on inside?"

Welp, sure enough there was a young female with a huge white dog on my rear deck flashing a cheapo LED flashlight inside my house looking around.


I shouted, "HEY Muh FUCKA!"

She then took off into the darkness of my back yard. I call Porsche 911 GT3 and told them there was someone in my back yard. All the while I am looking for my katana. At that moment she takes off through the side door that she broke to get in. 3 Rozzer Crown Vics arrive from 3 directions in seriously less than 2 minutes.They didn't see anyone matching the description on the street so the went in the housecarefully. House was empty. None of my neighnors saw anything. The crim got away.


Kind of a little paranoid but mostly pissed the fuck off. I kind of wish she or if she had an accomplice come back, especially when I have my Saiga 12 with a 15 clip full of buck shot. If you're going to shoot a crim for breaking into your home (the thing that took years to get through real work busting ass for pennies), ya might as well put a giant hole through them. Jail won't do anything. A giant hole through their torso would lol. Like one of my neighbors said (which the rest agreed), "I would of just shot their ass" Agreed sir :]

F all that noise. Especially when my wife gets here in which she will be all alone here most of the day.

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