I was hit with a sudden burst of creativity today, so I looked up some tools to make this. Some specifics:

  • Approximately 3300 square feet. A bit bigger than I was shooting for (I think 1000/adult and 500/child is optimal)
  • Objects DO NOT represent decor, they were just whatever the software had and I cared more about size than color
  • The interior and tops of the U shape will be all glass and steel
  • The interior walls of the garage will also be glass, for admiring my sweet ride from almost anywhere within the house
  • That door just above the kitchen will lead to a semi-enclosed breezeway connecting the house to the garage for the more plebeian cars (or underground tunnel if I can swing it)
  • That big box with an X through it is a two sided fireplace, the boxes above that are bookshelves.
  • Radiant floor heated
  • Roof mounted solar panels
  • Tall trees, an outdoor kitchen, and a lounging area in the semi-enclosed outdoor space, with some other landscaping as well.

For the exterior I was imagining something like this:

and for the interior I'm not quite sure yet. Something like one of these:


Probably different colors than those though, and I haven't even started on furniture. I'm also on the fence about ceiling height. On the one hand, I like the exaggerated horizontality the low ceilings lend the exterior appearance, and with all the glass it shouldn't feel cramped. On the other hand, I love the openness of high ceilings. What are your thoughts oppo?