Well, it was not easy, it was often frustrating, I didn’t always know what I was doing but my 996 is for the most part, no longer a project, I don’t think. Today I discovered a weird spot in a plenum that wasn’t connected from when I had disconnected it. It was creating a big vacuum leak, but now, the 996 runs and drives quite nicely. I had checked those plenum sat least twice but it was just in a weird spot and hard to feel and completely impossible to see.

I don’t have a total amount I spent on it yet. It’s under $5,000 including shipping. Right around $4,500 I think, engine was $3,000; shipping was $675ish, misc parts, a motorcycle jack, fluids, muffler was another $700ish.

Most of all, thanks to Flynorcal. You guys may remember or may not remember but I was posting about 996s in the months leading up to him giving this away so to say this could have been more of a ridiculously amazing opportunity would be an understatement,


I learned a lot. Not just about cars, but patience and persistence and figuring things out. Would I do it all the same way again the next time? Heck no. But I do think the 3.2 is a good swap for 911s with blown engines, I just think there is a better way to do it than I did and I’ll detail that later.

What’s it like to drive? The steering is amazing. Like really amazing. I think I fubared the shift cables and may need new ones as it feels a little notch you. Its not slow but it’s also not ridiculously fast. It’s lacking torque, and I think using a 996 flywheel, the 4 wheel drive system, and being a cab with a hardtop all takes a little away from the speed. But it really feels amazing from 4,000-6,000 RPM.

Some things I still need to work on include: small vacuum leak, get the radio code from the dealer, maybe try and run the muffler system a little differently(it’s lower and further back than I planned), new rear taillight, and Get the ECU tuned.

Anyways, here’s some pictures I took:


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