To Bonn, of all places. They only lived a mile away from me but I hadn’t seen them in about 2.5 years. It was an intentional action on my part as I needed to cut some negativity out of my life. My friend became increasingly negative and spiteful and I couldn’t be around it any longer. And after they started having kids (to the best of my knowledge they have only one) priorities changed, and sitting around their house watching the same old movies wasn’t quite as interesting as going out to watch hockey, shooting some pool or any of the other fun things we’d do when his wife was out of town. There’s no blame there as I understand that major life changes have that kind of effect, but the increasing bitterness and hostility was just too much to put up with.

I was poking around on Zillow and saw that their house was sold two years ago. A little more research shows the wife is now a captain at FedEx, hence the move. I knew a change of location was inevitable since FedEx doesn’t have a major operation here, unlike the previous airline she worked for, but I didn’t realize that she’d make captain that fast with a new carrier. Congrats to her on the promotion, and I hope they have a wonderful life in Germany.


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