...And bought the above model kit for $33.50 haha. It is however, the only one I could find for sale. There are other ranger models but I wanted one as close to my real one as possible. Also it has been over a decade since I took part in an actual eBay “auction.” The model started at $5.00. I threw in a $10 bid with less than a minute to go, was out bid. $15, outbid again! Now I’m like “well I have to get it now, it’s the only one I could find and I’ve been sitting here for 30 minutes waiting for the auction to end. So with 8 seconds left I threw in a $25 bid and took it for $24.50 + shipping!

I also convinced myself that I was bidding against collectors who would just throw this in their stack of models that they will never build. Not me! I’ve got a bright red rattle can ready to go.