I just got accosted at work for "Cutting behind" someone

So here’s the scenario. Going onto the base, the close the gate to outgoing traffic, and all lanes are incoming. I am the green line, the lady with the bug up her ass is black. Yes, I have a yield sign, and yes, I checked to make sure everyone was clear, because that’s how you do things.


So I make the right turn, wait for her to achieve a painfully slow but adequate speed around the turn, and I went in behind her to get in the right lane, where I need to be. She blasts the horn at me. I’m not proud, but I let her know she was #1. Then she changes lanes and follows me, parks across a bunch of spots, and waits for me to park. At this point, I should have either a) just sat in my car with the stereo on, leaned my head back, and waited her out, or b) just got out, ignored her yelling at me and walked into my building where she is unable to follow.

I did neither of these things. I got out of my car, immediately was yelled at “What was that for?” so I respond “Why did you blast your horn at me?”

her: “You cut behind me!”

Me: “That’s not a thing.”

her: “The speed limit is 25 on base, sir!”

Me: “It’s 40 on loop road”

her: “It’s 35!” yes, she’s right. but it’s still not 25.

her: “Learn to drive!”

She then starts to drive away as I walk to my building. Then she turns a u-turn in the parking lot, goes back to take a picture of my car and plate. What she thinks she’s going to do with that, I don’t know, but that really pissed me off. Now I’m in a worse mood than I was. I didn’t do a or b because my back hurts from busting ass to build some stairs for my deck the last two days before the rain hits for the next three days, so I was already cross. Now my blood pressure is spiked, and all I can think to do is post here to try to calm myself down.


I’ll try to remember not to cut behind people anymore...

Edit: The traffic pattern is regulated for incoming flow in the morning. Updated graphic shows red where things are stopped or blocked, yellow and orange are the traffic directions.


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