There are those dealers that are great all around: Sales, parts, service, etc. That dealer I bought Juke is fantastic, the new parts department manager is great, the sales man (also an car enthusiasts) I bought my Juke off always asks about any new mods every time I’m in.

Today I was back at the dealer I bought my Juke at to inquire fog light switch, as I wanted to use the factory harness to put in the fog lights I ordered. To do that I need turn signal stalk with a fog light switch, but it is sold as large unit with both side’s. The parts manager spend a good time on the phone trying find that part #, I had leave for staff meeting. I left my phone # with them, he just called me with the price.

Nissan wanted $440 for it. I said I’ll pass on it. He did not try sell me on it more, & agreed with me. I’ll just use the supplied switch & harness that comes with fog light kit.