After seeing alexb420's post on that simulation game, I began wondering...has anyone else here signed up on IGCD, or am I the only Oppo that has?

I was thinking, what if a bunch of Oppos got together and signed up to the site and began making legitimate entries on there, whether it be completing a game's page that doesn't have all the game's cars on it yet, or making new entries for games that aren't on there yet (including obscure ones)?

I myself have done some work on there lately, helping bring the pages of games like The Simpsons: Road Rage and Midnight Club 3: DUB Edition closer to completion, and adding a game that wasn't on there before, ATV Offroad Fury 2.

The best part is, the games don't have to be racing games, and they don't have to have usable cars. They've got ones that are only seen on billboards and pictures, and they've got games like CoD and Battlefield games.

Pretty much, as long as it's got vehicles in it, and you can get a good shot of them (with either a capture card, snipping tool, or even a digital camera like I used for the games mentioned above), they'll be more than happy to accept them and I know that if we were to do something like this, the admins would greatly appreciate it.


The people on there are very friendly, and more than willing to help those who want to contribute and are new to it.

There's even a Help/FAQ page that is very useful for newcomers. Believe me, it helped when I first joined the site.


Both us here on Oppositelock and those over at IGCD are full of dedicated auto enthusiasts, and I believe we could be able to help each other out.