I Just Have To Say...

I’m really bummed out that crossovers are killing the wagon.

I come from a big station wagon family. I’m 18 and moving out next year, and currently my family collectively owns 5 cars, 3 of which are station wagons. The other two are my Miata and my dads FR-S. So I have a soft spot for wagons! I basically grew up in the back of Volvo Wagons, just like plenty of other kids! But now parents are buying Crossovers and SUV’s. I mean I know the wagon is still somewhat prevalent. Volvo has the V60, Mercedes has the E Class wagon, and a few others. But outside of America they get tons of awesome wagons!


Honestly people, why buy a CX-5 when you could have a Mazda 6 wagon? Oh wait it’s because we don’t get the wagon in America because nobody wants a wagon anymore. We just want lifted hatchbacks. Why? Why do we want these bland, CVT riddled, fake off road machines? I miss the station wagon, and I hope it makes a comeback.

A picture of my personal favorite family wagon for your time. (Jealous of my dad)

EDIT: Tell me about your favorite wagon stories. Because wagons are the best!

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