In my quest to reattach plastic bits to my Volvo, I came across this website: [in case of kinja]

I cannot believe the variety of specific fasteners they have. As the owner of three “older” European cars which have countless little jitneys holding various parts on, this kind of resource is invaluable. Every time I take off some trim piece, I seem to break at least one, if not ALL of the little plastic clips. So I try to keep a few on hand, or get them in advance of a job if I know what I will be breaking. Other times, I end up leaving a trim piece off until I can get the right part, which usually involves handing my wallet over to a dealer parts counter.


Below is what I’m buying to fasten the various underbody shields on my 2012 Volvo that have rusty studs, causing the original size nuts not to work; not to mention the original nuts are rusty themselves, so they tend to fall apart when I take them off.


20 bucks to have a nice little container full of problem solved right next to me while I crawl around - under our newest car, mind you - swearing at the liberal application of corrosive substances that accompanies every flurry here in New England. Yes, please.

I looked around on the site and they have all KINDS of random stuff beyond automotive fasteners. Keys (as in, keyway), grease fittings, brass fittings of all kinds, specialty tools, vibration dampening... stuff, headlight adjustment hardware, window crank handles, every conceivable kind of washer, and that’s a small sampling; let alone the “Miscellaneous” category.


Wow. I am sure there are other resources like this; I’ve ordered from a handful of places like McMaster Carr and the like. But this seems to be one of the best I’ve ever seen. And I don’t live anywhere near a major auto parts store; most of our local ones are quite small and anyway, they would never carry a “door sill plate retaining clip” for an E46.

Happy shopping!