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I already knew that tires were the most important component in a car. That’s why I made the switch from the factory Pirelli P-Zero Nero all-seasons on the Mustang to Michelin Pilot Super Sports. I did it for the sake of better grip in all aspects of driving. I just wasn’t expecting a difference in how the car feels and drives. Especially not such a MASSIVE difference.

For starters, despite the fact that the new set is wider (245/45 vs 235/50), each tire weighs 5lb LESS than the pirellis. I actually feel that difference through the steering wheel. It feels lighter and more nimble. The tires no longer “fight” the steering from left to right through the uneven surface of the highway and even in the rather extreme spots in Gatineau, the tiller only tugs lightly instead of jarring my hands.


It also seems like what I thought was the result of worn brakes was actually just the shitty, finished tires. I used to get some pretty harsh vibrations and pulsing through the brake pedal and steering wheel whenever I’d hit the anchors. Prompting me to consider inspecting and replacing the brakes. Yeah, now it’s all buttery smooth. Turns out the front brakes are still top notch even after 85,000 km.

Overall. It seems like the wild Mustang has been tamed.

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