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I just Love Saturday!

Strong language and personal complaints may occur after a few safety images...


I FUCKING hate Saturdays. For over a year now my dealership has decided that service needs to be open Saturdays for customer satisfaction. That’s fin and all, but it is like 10 appointments (open 8am to 2pm). Most of these appointments are Subaru prepaid maintenance so we make no money. I swear it costs more money to keep my departments lights on than we make let alone everyone’s pay and other lights etc. Fine whatever, but I am the only parts guy on Saturday, I work 6 days a week, and I am not hourly... I used to be, but when I went to commision, I kept working Saturdays. It sucks ass and is probably one of the main reasons I am unhappy. But the icing on the cake in that yesterday my clutch starting acting weird. So I drove it home last night and back to work today and its all fucked. There is a hydraulic leak of one of the cylinders is failing. Either way the slave cylinder needs to be replaced I think, now the master probably too. The best part is GM decided that an internal hydrolic slave/throwout bearing was the way to go, so the trans has to be dropped to replace it so I might as well do the clutch too. Well that is $1300 in parts if all the lines are ok and then labor on top of that because I don’t have a garage to do the work myself. Or the stupid tool to bleed the system cause GM. So there is like $300+ in labor making it about $1600 I don’t really have... Fucking welcome to vehicle ownership eh?

Few, rant over, thanks I really just needed to vent that.

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