I'm standing in line at the grocery store. The middle aged guy behind me who could be Cliff minus the stache asks, "do ya know the Nationals score?" in a strong boston accent.

"No, they were winning 3-0 last I checked..."

"Well, they won!"

"I'm still more of an Orioles fan to be honest."

"Orioles? What team is that? I'm a Red Sox fan."

"Ah. Yeah, the Nationals aren't my cup of tea."

He proceeds to give me a trivia quiz and give me a few riddles my tired brain fails to answer in the allotted time (which is kind of surreal considering his likeness to John Ratzenburger), followed by an "I hope you don't take any AP courses!"

I'm instantly transported to Cheers at this point, but I manage to say bye and leave before I get stuck behind a pretentious Seattle therapist on the way out of the parking garage (gratuitous Fraiser reference from the same universe).