He lives in a small warehouse. See that unassuming blue door? That leads into his house, a loft apartment built within the confines of an awesome shop. He told me that he likes to work on cars, so he bought a building with space to both work on cars and live.

That roll-up door has a twin on the other side which leads to his back yard. Since the extent of the loft is from the right-side wall to just beyond the two upstairs windows, there’s enough room to park at least four project cars inside. Two fit between the roll-up doors, and two, maybe three more, can be parked to the right of the path between the doors. Just imagine that black truck driving between those posts and through the space. That’s the open space he has inside. I took a few pictures of the interior, but I won’t post them here without his permission.

The best part was the fully restored Suzuki Samurai parked inside. It used to be his mud truck, but he’s had a hard time getting it muddy since the rebuild. He said it all started with repairing a little rust spot on the quarter panel. Now it looks like a brand new vehicle.

Wait, that wasn’t the best part. I figured that this was a great setup for a single guy who likes working on cars. The best part was when he mentioned his wife! He convinced a woman that he was marriage material and that she should move into this space with him! Amazing!

Yeah, I admit that I’m a bit jealous. However, I’m not sure I would want to raise kids in that environment. With a paint and body shop next door, I’m pretty sure the back yard would qualify as a brownfield if tested. Given that there was no evidence of kids in the area, I’m guessing that he doesn’t have any.


I suppose life is a series of compromises....