So, I have a 2011 BMW 335is convertible. I’ve had it for two summers now and I do enjoy the top-down pleasure that comes with it. However, when I was originally shopping around for a 335is (semi-limited model) in the Pittsburgh area, I really wanted a coupe and I got the convertible because a) I’ve never had a convertible and I was smitten with the experience on the test drive and b) I couldn’t find a coupe in PA and I wanted instant gratification.

Fast forward to a few months ago and I was at my dealership for scheduled service. I see on the lot a black 2012 335is coupe with BMW add-on spoiler (honestly, I’d rather it not have the spoiler and be stock, but at least it’s OEM). I talk to the salesman and he’s not budging on the price which was pretty inflated according to market values. The used car sales manager wasn’t really budging either. I have bought two cars from this dealership before so it kind of irked me and I just walked away from the conversation.

Earlier this week I get an email from the sales manager saying that they’re going to be sending the car to auction around the first week of January. They wanted to know if I was interested in grabbing it at their “expected auction price” of $32,000. Just so you don’t bother, I’ve done the research, and it’s a great price for the car with it’s mileage.

Additionally, I can get it for 0.9% APR financing up to 60 months. Basically, I can trade in my 2011 cabrio for a 2012 coupe with the same features and less mileage, and end up with a significantly lower monthly payment. Outside of my trade, no additional down payment needed unless I want to lower the payments even more. Also, the CPO warranty is intact on the 2012 for another year and my 2011 warranty is dead.

So, I might be doing the most boring trade of my life, depending on how the test drive goes.


Oh: And I just found out today after 1.5 years of ownership that I have launch-control in my car. Why I never bothered to find that out is beyond me.