Thankfully, jury ruled in favor of the rider. 183K in damages awarded to him.

okay, yea, buddy was out having fun and passed in marked no passing zones. fair enough. But bikes accelerate WAY faster then cars, and what is a ‘no passing zone’ in a car is a 2 car pass on a bike. and he was waiting for a clear shot.

but I digress

“Edwards also said he accidentally “bumped” the back end of Wilkens’ motorcycle as a result of possible “brake fade””

brake fade. after a very short chase in a camaro. get fucked nitwit. (jury agrees there)

“[The agency] is disappointed with the (trial) outcome and feels the actions of our troopers clearly did not violate established procedures or tactics. In situations like these, officers have milliseconds to make what may be life-or-death decisions and those officers should be shielded from the liability of civil damages.””

you just REAR ENDED a motorcycle and are POINTING A GUN at him. so you then decide to kick him hard enough to give him “broken left clavicle, a fractured rib and other injuries”

That ‘agency’ needs to be torn down and rebuilt.

this pisses me off. A LOT.

Do me a favor. read the whole article. it does mention that “he [the rider] did not see the Camaro’s flashing blue-and-red lights — which are embedded in the car’s grille — through a small, rear-view mirror. He testified that when he pulled over for Edwards, he expected to receive a “deserved” speeding ticket.”

While i dont agree with the ‘tight fitting helmet portion’ [i’m more inclined to believe that he had headphones and music playing] in no way does it justify that reaction from the cop.