I just realized a thing

We all know and love the 1973 Ford Falcon XB GT "Pursuit Special" from Mad Max and Mad Max II, possibly the most badass thing to ever appear on screen.

Here is the thing: According to the mechanic dude in the first film it makes 600hp at the wheels. Given a drivetrain loss of 20% this amounts to an output of 720hp at the crankshaft, which is one hell of an achievement for the 1970s, but even more so when you put this into the context of the film universe. The second film is set some three years after the events of the first one, after a global war and the collapse of civilization, yet the last of the V8s was still in working condition (until it explodes, that is). This means the cars highly tuned internals survived three years in a fictional Australia with no infrastructure for maintenance and spare parts, and this means that the Pursuit Special has to be the most reliable car ever built.*


*After the 2006 Nissan Note 1.4 of course.

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