I have two cars, both somewhat jalop. However, I now am certain that my garage is all fucked up, and I need to sell both, and get another pair. Here’s why.

Let’s make a list of the good things, the stuff I got right, when I ended up with this particular pair.


- both are unassisted, “pure driving machines” from 1986. No driver aid, no ABS, not even PAS.

- both are gas-powered, manual and RWD, and both have IRS setups.

- heck, one even comes with an LSD and a body that’s beyond restoration, so is the perfect winter beater

On first glance it seems I did just fine: a Toyota MR-2 and a Peugeot 505 sounds about right. I thought so too, but it somehow doesn’t work out like that, and more often than not I end up driving my mothers’ 2009 Hyundai. Shit, I must have screwed this up somewhere. But where? Here are the facts of my life.


- The MR-2 is perfect for daily duty, but I have three kids.

- The 505 is a fun beater project car for the weekends, however, this is the 5-seat sedan, the one I should be using daily.


- And if I only sold the 505, and bought something better instead, that would still not solve all my problems, as the Peugeot is my winter car. The MR-2 will most likely never see snow again, as it is currently getting painted after a thorough body restoration. And anyway only the supercharger MR-2 had LSD, but that transmission is too high-geared for the NA engine.....

So there you have it. I have all the elements for a happy two-car garage, but this just ain’t sorted right, is it?


Therefore, as of today, my new-year resolution for 2016 is to sell both cars, yes both, and build a new two-car fleet, that has a proper, DD-able family car, and a proper sports car for the weekends and winters.

Wish me luck. And a good buyer for the MR-2...

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