What a majestic game. I bought it during the Lunar New Year sale on Steam for $10 + tax including all the DLCs, and so far I’m enjoying it on a completely different level to Fallout 4. I’ve previously played Morrowind and Oblivion, but I lost interest in those relatively quickly for whatever reason. It still looks good with the HD texture pack and there’s such a large modding community that I got the community patches/bugfixes along with some interface improvements so that it’s better for PC gameplay.

The world seems massive and I’ve only begun to scratch the surface; I decided to start as a High Elf but early Destruction spells are weak, so I find myself advancing in one-handed weapons and shields more than anything else.

Since I did mention Fallout 4 - I’m at the crossroads where I need to decide which faction to go with, but in all honesty, I just don’t give a fuck anymore. I think FO4 is going to remain unfinished until I forget about how uninteresting the game becomes the further you get into it. I still enjoyed the hell out of it, but it’s like you eventually hit a wall where your enjoyment doesn’t just plateau, but it falls off a cliff. There’s so much good about this game but I feel it came at the expense of story/dialog choices and more choice in gameplay (i.e. why the hell couldn’t I be a raider or Triggerman).

We’ll see how I feel about Skyrim once I’ve put in the same amount of time as I did in Fallout 4, which was about 72 hours over three months.