So I was driving home......

When a 2000 or 20001 Chevy Impala, the national car of Houston, came inches from hitting me on the right side. The car was swerving like crazy! At first, I though it was another wacko that got cut off trying to get revenge on another motorist. But, the car was swiftly cutting pretty much everyone on the freeway. The car continued northbound in between lanes, on the shoulder, and attacking anyone that honked at it. Complete psycho or something. Closer to my exit, I caught up to the vehicle because it was doing around 35 MPH. The car ,with its never ending blinker and stuck brake light switch, exited as I passed it. I looked, and it a rather large lady behind the wheel. Here is when things got super lame, there was a 5-7 year old girl in the passenger seat screaming and crying without a seat belt.

That's when I decided that I had to do something. Thankfully the driver stayed on the access road enough for me to exit and get behind her. I dialed 911 and explained to the dispatcher the situation. As I was explaining to the dispatcher the trail of destruction, she did a crazy U-turn under the freeway. The dispatcher told me not to loose her. I safely got across and opened the 30 valve V6 Quattro to catch up. Now heading southbound for no reason, the driver stayed on the access road not going when the lights were green and swerving like crazy narrowly missing other drivers.

She then gets on the freeway again continuing to drive like a psycho as I explained to the dispatcher our exact position, exits, and speed. Then, the lady pulls over. I also pulled over but many car lengthens behind. After around 6-8 minutes she merges back on the freeway and punches it. I had to wait because traffic came up. Then I accelerated hard to catch up as the dispatcher told me to. I catch up to her because she again slowed down to around 30-35 MPH on a busy freeway in between all the lanes going left to right. Finally, we hit traffic downtown because duh, what else is new lol.

By then I see the officer as he pulls in between us. She keeps going for a while then slows. Seen in the opening picture, yay SR20 :] She stumbles out of the crappy Impala with paper plates and hella worn tires. Backup arrives and just in time. She just would not cooperate with the officer's instructions. The officer then comes to me and tells me to hang out a bit and re explain what happened. He tells me she is completely out of it. They go back to talking to her. Finally the officer comes to me to see my license and phone number. He was going to cut her a break but she was pissing him off and is going to take her in under supposition of drunk driving. He said thanks for following her and calling 911. He said she can barely stand and that I more than likely saved her life and the kids...yes, kid(s). There was the 5-7 year old up front but 2 toddlers in the back without child seats.


All in all, I kinda feel like this....

lol :]