I just saw the dumbest thing ever.

Not even kidding. So the girlfriend and I went on a bit of a drive, been a while since we took one of the cars out and just drove it. Come off the highway and turn left to hit some back roads. Suddenly everyone is slowing down and moving to the right a bit, and I soon see why. Some old beat looking Fusion that we have seen before is coming up the hill with smoke pouring off the left front tire from what looks to be a blow out. Assumed they would stop at the gs station and swap for the spare or whatever they needed to do and be on the road again. So we kept on our drive, drove for about a half hour, turned around and went to head home.

Hopped back on the highway headed north and about a half mile from our exit I see a Trooper with his lights on stopped behind that same fusion, tire gone, looked to be running on the rim for some time. These people share the road with us. Fucking what.


For reference I google mapped the distance that she drove at MINIMUM. Who knows how far she drove before I saw her just after getting off the highway.

17 Miles on a blown tire on the highway. God knows how far she was aiming to go, or had already gone.

Oh, btw, when I say this car was beat, it was the definition of beat First Gen Fusion, covered in stickers saying various words, most common word was “whore” and pink spray paint all over it. Next time I get a chance I’m gonna get a picture of this car, just so happens its always in traffic or someway that isn’t able to be seen.

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